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Alternate titles for this post: Melanie and Lindsay?  No, too creepy sounding and we don’t have the matching M-names (or L-names).


That’s a reference to Julie and Julia by the way!


I realized that my absolute favorite meals lately have all come from the Pinch of Yum blog.  Matt and I have been making her pomodoro sauce on repeat, and this Sunday I made her brown butter scallops with risotto and sauteed spinach.  Oh my gosh!  That was one of the best meals I’ve had in a while and I was shocked by how quickly it came together.  I found it particularly fun to cook too because it required multi-tasking, which made me feel like a pro.


Anyway, I’ve made a bunch of PoY recipes at this point, and without fail they have all been wild successes.  So I’ve decided to pull a Julie and Julia and cook 100 recipes from Pinch of Yum over the next who-knows-how-many weeks.  This isn’t about a deadline, it’s about trying all of the yummy recipes Lindsay has to offer!  Thus adding to the collection of incredible meals I currently have on rotation.


So really the title should be ‘100 Recipes from Pinch of Yum’, but somehow that doesn’t have the right ring to it.  ‘100 Days’ sounds like a goal.  ‘100 Recipes’ sounds like a catalog.  I want this to be a fun and delicious goal to work towards!


I’m excited.  Hope you are too, lest anyone follow along!


I’ll start by listing the incredible meals I’ve already tried.  Yep, they count towards the 100.  I’ll probably make them again between now and finish time anyway so it’s not cheating!  Here we go:


1)  15 minute Lo Mein: This is the first homemade Chinese food I’ve ever made that came out well.  It had plenty of sauce (whenever I’ve tried making Chinese it has turned out too dry, so this was awesome), tons of soy sauce-y flavor, perfectly crisp-yet-cooked julienne’d vegetables, and it introduced me to mirin.  Win-win-win-win.  I only used one type of soy sauce and it turned out great.  Will be making this again and again.




2) Cauliflower sauce used for healthy fettuccine alfredo.  Okay, so you can tell it’s healthier than the usual cream and cheese laden stuff, but this sauce was really good.  It is well worth making and who wouldn’t like guilt-free fettuccine alfredo?


3) Chocolate chip cookies: This is technically not a meal, and yet I have eaten many a cookie meal so it counts.  I loved that I didn’t have to chill the dough and still got the high risen cookies.  It turns out that making sure you use enough flour does the same trick as chilling!


4) Brown butter scallops with risotto and spinach: Again — oh my gosh!  This meal was gourmet and easy to make.  It came together in about 20 minutes since I made all 4 components (rice, scallops, spinach and brown butter) at once.  Matt was in ecstasy over this one!  Fun fact: this was my first time ever eating scallops.  I love them.  I didn’t get jumbo ones, just the fresh, glistening little white ones from Whole Foods.  I think they ended up more fully cooked than seared.  Whatever they were, I’d like to make them that way again.




5) Capellini pomodoro with shrimp: Oh dang!   I’ve made the pomodoro sauce from this recipe so many times now.  It’s great with shrimp, garlic-lemon chicken, oven-baked salmon with a little lemon — you name it!  This is the best quick tomato sauce you will ever have, guaranteed.  Note:  It always takes quite a bit longer than the 10 minutes specified in the recipe for the sauce to reduce.  It takes more like half an hour to fully reduce.  That’s still quick though!




6) Enchilada sauce: I loved how quick, fresh and easy this sauce sounded, and it totally lived up to my internal hype.  I packed tortillas full of quinoa, black beans, sauteed onion and green bell pepper and cheddar-Gruyere cheese, then rolled them up and smothered them in this sauce.  Put some plain Greek yogurt and more cheese on top then baked it.  Matt ate three in one day and they were huge!  This sauce will leave you with aromatic breath from the chili powder but it’s worth it.


7) Magic green sauce: I’ve made this a bunch of times and also got my foodie aunt making it.  We both love it.  This stuff is great on quesadillas (my go-to quick dinner), as an addition to nachos, or in Lindsay’s spicy falafel roasted veggie naan-which.  Which, speaking of which…


8) Spicy falafel roasted veggie naan-which:  This sandwich was really unique and fresh.  I need to try the falafel again; I think I subbed black beans for part of it and the texture wasn’t great.  But the roasted carrots were bananas!  Actually they were carrots.  Thinking about this naan-which is making me want to make it again immediately.




So there you have it!  8 recipes down, 92 to go.  I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two that I’ve made but I’ll add them if and when I remember them.  Can’t wait to make more delicious meals!  Here is my current lust list to get started with:


Garlic herb cheesy potatoes that include potato chips in the recipe (!) 
— I’ve never made a veggie burger from scratch before.  These sound good.
— And last but most — these Korean BBQ Bangkok burritos.  Matt is going to love these.


P.S.  I was trying to remember another story (book or movie, I’m not sure) about a person who cooks their way through an entire cookbook a la Julie and Julia, one that I think preceded Julie and Julia, but I couldn’t come up with anything.  However, my google search took me to a funny article about cooking through Gwyneth Paltrow’s It’s All Easy cookbook.  Which by all accounts sounds full of great recipes.  Check it out!  Kelsey McKinney’s “week of consciously cooking ‘easy’ recipes from Gwyneth Paltrow’s new book” — the title alone sets the tone!


Also loved this LATimes article about it, which contrary to the title actually seemed like a rave review.


Both articles are a little snarky, and though it’s mean to make fun of celebrities, they also said how great the recipes are and made me want to buy the cookbook.  So I think Gwyneth wouldn’t mind the snark.


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