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Well, it’s been 2017 for the majority of a month already!  I’ve decided that 2017 is going to be my best food year yet.  It’s time to get organized!  I’ve started planning out what I’ll be cooking every weekend during the week and buying the groceries ahead of time so I don’t have to think about what to make AND grocery shop the day-of, which can be an energy killer.  It’s been easy to do and has felt freeing.  And it has given me time to make more things!  I’m really excited about it.  I have so many ideas about things to make; this year I’m getting efficient and making them all happen.


My other, probably more important goal is to be more intentional in every thing that I do.  I guess the planning of meals goes with that, because it means that my weekend time is well spent (not at the grocery store).  I want to spend free time doing the things I love like cooking, not running extra errands that could have been avoided or figuring out what to do.




But I also want to be more intentional at work — speaking up more and asking more questions, and thinking about the larger picture of the stuff I work on.  No more feeling inferior and like I don’t know enough.  When I identify something I don’t know, I need to ask one of the many senior engineers around me about it so I can put the pieces of the puzzle together.


Socially I want to be more intentional as well.  I’m very introverted and generally get anxious about going out and doing large group activities, so when I do I often take a “just get through it” approach.  But the result of that is that I gain nothing from the social event.  I don’t come out with closer friendships, or just feeling like I got to know someone better and they got to know me a little bit.  It’s time to change that.  I want to make the time worthwhile, for me and for the people around me.  Because isn’t that why everyone gets together socially?  They want friendship and the feeling of knowing other people and being known too.  If I can give them that then that’s amazing and I should!  It’s hard to do when you’re feeling anxious but I know I can get better at it, mainly because I do actually want to get to know people better.  There’s only one way!


Anyway.  Back to food. 🙂  I’ve made a ton of good stuff lately!  But this post is about the PoY recipes in particular.   Still working towards that goal of 100 recipes!  In the past three weeks I’ve made her one-pot lasagna with bacon and ground beef, brown sugar baked beans (for which I forgot to add the brown sugar — ha.  But it was still delicious.) and wholesome 5-ingredient banana muffins. I’ve also made her red lentil curry (a nice non-intimidating way to get into cooking Indian food) and her chicken with wild rice soup.  Here’s the round-up in the order in which I made them:


16)  Easy red lentil curry:  This whips up in no time, with no chopping, and tastes amazing.  What’s not to like?  I’m a die-hard Indian food fan and this was a great introductory recipe to get me started cooking it myself.


17)  One pot lasagna with bacon and ground beef: Yes, yes, yes!  This was a delicious twist on lasagna.  I’ve never had lasagna with bacon or red wine in it before; my eyes have been opened.  I’m still glad there are other lasagna recipes out there — this one was very rich — but I will definitely be making this many more times.



18)  Brown Sugar Baked Beans with Bacon: In addition to forgetting the small amount of brown sugar that goes into this, I screwed something up because the beans were too dry for “baked beans”.  Still delicious though.  I ♥ beans and bacon.  Can’t really go wrong with that combination.




19)  Healthy Banana Muffins: These were pretty bland for my taste.  Did I get through them and feel virtuous doing so?  Yes.  Would I prefer these banana muffins?  Yes.


20)  Chicken with Wild Rice Soup: Though chicken with wild rice soup has never been a favorite of this soup lover, I had a massive craving for it this weekend and knew Lindsay’s recipe would be the bomb.  It was.  Do make this.  It couldn’t be a lower maintenance recipe either!  You pretty much throw everything in a slow cooker and call it good.  There’s like one more step than that but it’s seriously easy!



For recipes 1 – 8:

For recipes 9 – 15:

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