These breakfast cookies are loaded with bananas, fresh fruit and oats.  In proper breakfast cookie form, they have only nourishing ingredients.  Peanut butter replaces the butter/oil of a traditional cookie and provides some protein, and they are sweetened with honey.  These cookies are completely whole grain and dairy free.  The honey and peanut butter hold the dough together so there’s no need for an egg.


Apple Cinnamon Granola |


Loaded with cinnamon and apple flavor and perfectly crisp, this homemade apple cinnamon granola recipe is a heart-healthy, high fiber, high protein, sugar-free meal.  I used peanuts, pecans, and coconut in mine but you could exchange these for whatever you prefer!

Apple Ginger Green Smoothie |


This apple ginger smoothie is refreshing, light and healthy.  It’s a delicious way to reset and feel better when you’ve been eating too much heavy food, and it makes a great breakfast or anytime snack!  The fresh ginger really makes the flavor pop, and you’ll never notice the spinach.