Happy end-of-holidays, everyone!  Who has baked up a storm in the past month?  I certainly have.  I wanted to share the treats I’ve made lately and particularly these melting snowmen cookies.  They take time, but if you break up the cookie baking and cookie decorating into different days, they’re relaxing and fun to make.  And heart-warmingly cute!  I meant to post the recipe earlier since clearly these are Christmas/holiday cookies, but since they’re snowmen I suppose you could make them anytime it’s snowy.  🙂



These breakfast cookies are loaded with bananas, fresh fruit and oats.  In proper breakfast cookie form, they have only nourishing ingredients.  Peanut butter replaces the butter/oil of a traditional cookie and provides some protein, and they are sweetened with honey.  These cookies are completely whole grain and dairy free.  The honey and peanut butter hold the dough together so there’s no need for an egg.


Homemade Oreo Cookies with Peppermint Frosting


Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day!  These homemade “Oreos” with peppermint frosting are the perfect treat to bring to work, school or a party to celebrate.  (They’re also the perfect treat any time!)  The cookies are like a dark chocolate version of Oreos.  You can make them crunchy like real Oreos or leave them a bit softer; it’s up to you.  The peppermint frosting is creamy, sweet and refreshing and brings that festive greenness. 🙂


Sugar Cookies


Over the holiday break, I had a hankering for some traditional sugar cookies.  However, I didn’t want to fuss with rolling out the dough for cookie cutters or icing them (though that can be fun!)  These sugar cookies are quick to make and won’t test your artistic skills with colored icing — but most importantly their flavor is incredible. A hint of almond extract give these easy and delicious sugar cookies a shortbread-like flavor.  They are soft in the center and crisp on the outside, and a sprinkling of pecans makes them look cute and festive.



I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been craving something with almond flavor lately, but these soft and chewy almond coconut cookies are absurdly good.  They have a light coconut flavor, more than a subtle hint of almond but not too much, and the texture is out-of-this-world soft and chewy.