This breaded baked eggplant with marinara, Greek yogurt/sour cream, fresh basil and Parmesan (or whatever veggies and cheese you have on hand) makes a great weeknight meal.  It requires minimal effort; just slice up one large eggplant into ~3/4″ slices, dip the slices in egg then bread crumbs, bake for 10 minutes, flip and bake for another 10 minutes, add the toppings and bake for 10 minutes more.   Dinner served!


Easy Tomato Bisque Soup


I love tomato bisque soup.  The creaminess, the tangy tomato, the hint of fresh basil all work together to create a deeply satisfying dish.  It can be a main meal with a little bread and salad on the side, or it can serve as a complement to a grilled cheese sandwich.  This easy tomato bisque recipe comes together in minimal time and with minimal effort since it uses canned crushed tomatoes that don’t need to stew as long.

Apple Cinnamon Granola | SunlitKitchen.com


Loaded with cinnamon and apple flavor and perfectly crisp, this homemade apple cinnamon granola recipe is a heart-healthy, high fiber, high protein, sugar-free meal.  I used peanuts, pecans, and coconut in mine but you could exchange these for whatever you prefer!

Split Pea Soup (Vegan)


Have you ever been to Andersen’s Pea Soup?  It’s this German-style restaurant in Buellton, California that makes the best split pea soup.  You may have come across the canned version in grocery stores but it doesn’t come close to the in-person version in flavor or texture.  However, you can come pretty close by making it from scratch!  Inspired by my love for Andersen’s pea soup, I’ve been making this version at home for years.